So this will be the last blog post I post on this blog. This blog was originally a school assignment that i had to do throughout the year, and was outlet to talk about the thing I love the most: eSports.

The purpose and theme of this blog throughout the school year has been all over the place. My first semester I did mostly introduction and genre explanations. On the second and third semester I tried branching out, covering speedrunning and covering individual icons in eSports along with news and discussions. My last semester I focused the blog for beginners, talking about individual mechanics for different games that I know very well.

I’ve also covered things outside of eSports, like Speedrunning  and the Sombra ARG.

I’ve learned many things from the blog throughout my research as well. I’ve familiarized myself with new eSport games like League of Legends and such.

The biggest take away from the blog is the fact that I went to the Eleague Major because of the blog, I went excited to write about it.

Thank you All4eSports, you’ve been good to me.