As I was talking to my father one time about the Eleague Major, he was very confused about how teams work in the eSports world, so I decided to take the time to explain that.

How teams work depends on different games. But usually, teams are just organizations that cover different games. To explain it better, I’m going to bring up the team organization named Cloud 9. Cloud 9 is an organization that has teams for countless amounts of games with completely different rosters. That’s why you see Cloud 9 competing in CSGO and League of Legends at the same. This goes for most games, the teams are judged by organizations, who are of course sponsored by big name companies like Logitech and Red Bull.

But one notable exception is Overwatch and its Overwatch League. The teams here are not organizations, but are countries. The Overwatch League tries its hardest to emulate real sports, with each country having its own team.