In Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, much of the skill comes from not just the mind games, but also of physical muscle memory. Aiming and controlling your gun in CSGO is the number one most important thing for a player to learn. It is the only thing that eliminates your opponent, and allows you to win the round. Different guns have different styles of control, but the golden standard is tapping, bursting, and spraying.

Tapping is when you shoot one bullet at a time for extreme accuracy and precision and usually used for long distanced.

Bursting is for medium range and is when you let out two to three bullets at a time going for headshots.

Spraying, I think is the hardest of the three, and is when you hold down the mouse button and unload your weapon. This is normally used for short distances, but those who master it can use it at farther distances. This is the hardest but most common method because out of all of them this is the hardest to fully master for the reason that every gun has a different recoil pattern.

For example, an M4A4 has a recoil pattern the goes up and to the left when you hold down the button. You must use spray control to move your mouse in the opposite direction to keep the spray centralized. Every single gun in the game has a different one and is the reason why it is so skillful.