This is a continuation of my last blog post talking about the roles of of professional CSGO players.

Lurker: A lurker is someone who thrives from being away from the group. Their role is to go in the opposite direction of the team, to try to flank the enemy team while the main unit does the main attack at the opposite side of the map. Lurkers have to be good decision makers, if they don’t make any impact, or if they die, the team goes at a disadvantage.

Secondary AWPer: When a team has decided to make the heavy investment of buying a second AWP, the Secondary AWPer carries it. A Secondary AWPer usually plays other roles as well, this being their second title.

Anchor: On the CT-Side or the defenders side, the Anchor is the player that stays at a site the whole round, even if enemies are spotted at the other side of the map. The purpose of this is to make sure the enemy team are not faking the other site and to see if they could catch a Lurker off guard.

“A” Player:  A player that plays on the A site on every round of a game. This role always changes.

“B” Player: A player that plays on the B site on every round of a game. This role always changes.

Coach: A coach is the unofficial sixth member of the team. He stands behind the five main players watching all of their screens, to make sure that calls are going through correctly. He sees the game from an outside point of view, so he can keep the IGL and the rest of the players level headed if things go south. He also helps the IGL come up with strategies during pauses.