Personally I feel as if many events are going on in many different eSports games, in this blog post I will talk about them. I’m going to talk more of game content rather than news, this is much more entertaining to write.

In Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Operation Hydra was released, the eighth operation in CSGO’s history. This operation costs six dollars, and unlocks a playable campaign, as well as new maps, gamemodes, and skins. Operations are temporary pieces of downloadable content that keep the game fresh.

In Overwatch, the first year anniversary event is occurring, with Blizzard releasing new skins to celebrate year one of Overwatch’s lifetime. A new map was also announced, with the setting of the moon base that the character Winston grew up in. The map is confirmed to have low gravity areas, something the game hasn’t seen before. Also a while ago, the new hero Orissa was released, making her the third released hero since Overwatch’s original roster.

In Rainbow Six: Siege, the new DLC called Operation Health was released, focusing on many issues that plague the game to keep it moving forward. The interesting aspect of this operation is the fact that it didn’t come with two operators like the last three operations.

In League of Legends, two new champions were released, with one champion being reworked. The two new champions are Xayah and Rakan, a duo lore wise and game mechanic wise. Xayah is and Attack Damage Carry that Rakan supports in the bot lane. Since their release they have been both exceptionally powerful, both seeing play in the professional scene. Galio was the champion that was reworked, who was decked out with a whole new look.