Similar to my CSGO Lingo posts, I will use this post to talk about some Hearthstone basics.

This post I will talk about a core concept in Hearthstone, it is called curving. Curving or curving out is when you play a card on each term that corresponds to the amount of mana you have on that turn.

On turn one you play a one mana minion.

On turn two you play the standard two mana minion.

On turn three you play another minion but of three mana.

And so on.

Usually if a player is lucky enough to have “a perfect curve” in their hand they usually gain a massive lead, because of how they can play a threat every turn. It is important to curve out somewhat, with players who have a bad curve losing the game.

Many players criticize the mechanic of curving, because many feel that all decks play the same, due to everyone trying to play something per turn, instead of saving up for more powerful turns later.

Another criticism of curving is that massive lead it gives players that have a perfect one. If I have a perfect curve and your curve doesn’t include a turn two play, that puts me very far ahead.

Some decks have prevailed by not using a curve. These are usually control decks, decks which contain a lot of spells to remove minions on the board. The most popular of all time is freeze mage, with them playing maybe a maximum of six minions per game.