In my last blog post, I covered two supports from Overwatch. In this post, I’ll cover the rest.



Zenyatta is the support that can deal the most damage out of all the supports. While he can put orbs of healing on teammates to heal them, he can also but orbs of discord on enemies, making them take more damage while its on them. Zenyatta’s primary attack also does a good amount of damage on it’s own, making him deadly in the right hands. HIs ultimate makes him invincible, while giving team mates around him 250 health a second, making them also almost invincible.



Many name Symmetra as more of a defence hero, with her having zero healing capabilities. She can set ups turrets that slow down the enemies, as well as spawning a shield to protect friendlies. She has two ultimates to choose from, a teleporter, or a shield generator. A teleporter allows friendlies to get onto the combat zone quicker, while the shield generator gives a shield to those that surround it.



Ana is by far the best at single target healing. She carries a sniper that heals allies when shot, and a grenade that stops healing for enemies, but when hitting friendlies, make them absorb more health from healing. Her ultimate gives a single target, usually a tank, a nano boost, an ability that gives massive amounts of damage to the target hit.