Similar to my CSGO Lingo post from a month ago, this collection of blog posts will cover the roles of the different classes in Overwatch, and what their role in the game is.

The main role of Support Heroes in Overwatch is in the name: you support other heroes. Most, if not all of the support heroes in overwatch come with some kind of healing ability, or some kind of defence ability that affects teammates or enemies. In terms of a damage output, they are usually very weak, with their focus being on helping the team.

I will go through the list of support heroes and explain what their role is.



Mercy is the most standard of healing heroes, comparing to the Medic in Team Fortress 2. Her main ability is to give a single friendly target a consistent line of healing or damage boost. She is on all around support hero, being good at every type of healing, whether it be multiple target healing or single target healing. Hey ultimate ability revives any teammate that has recently died, being one of the strongest abilities in Overwatch.



Lucio is the king of group healing, with him giving off an aura of healing at all times, or alternatively an aura of speed boost, with the player switching between the two. He is also a very agile hero, making him hard to hit because of his wall riding ability. His ultimate gives all friendlies around him a ton of more health, letting his teammates sustain more damage for a short period of time.

In the next blog post I will continue this list.