As a continuation of one of my earlier posts, I will cover some more CSGO lingo and terms used in the game both by regulars and professionals. This post is going to revolve around the topic of Flashing.

Flashing is the action named when you throw a flash bang grenade in the game. Flash bangs are bought at the beginning of each round and cost $200, cheap for the game’s standards, with a cap of two being the maximum amount of flashbangs you can buy in a round.

Flashbangs are used to throw in the vision of an enemy, in order to blind the player as well as playing a loud sound, making the game inaudible and blind for a few seconds. This is an important tool for players attacking a bomb site, as well as flashing attacks that are siege a bomb site.

Flashing, in the professional scene, is very organized, with certain players dedicated to lining up flashbangs at certain angles for maximum effectiveness. But in sub-professional play the player the throws the flash must call that he is throwing one. If not, the player’s own team can get flashed if looking at the grenade.

Flashbangs, along with other grenades are easy to learn, but tough to master. It’s easy to throw flash bangs left and right, but it’s hard to learn how to use them with high efficiency, where they can be extremely beneficial to the team.