Something I wanted to clarify for this blog is that while I claim this is an eSports blog for all eSports games, the reason I don’t really talk about ALL of them is because I’m not very familiar with lots of them.

This especially goes for older eSports games such as Warcraft, Starcraft, and Quake, where I don’t know very well the mechanics of the game.

What I am comfortable doing is making posts talking about news stories that pertain to these games if they are important enough.

Another concern I had for myself is the fact that I don’t talk much about other popular games. These include League of Legends, DotA and the different fighting games, because while I know how these games work and how the mechanics work, I know barely anything about the competitive scene and the history of it. LCS in League of Legends is very new to me, and I’m still attempting to learn about it.

The games I do know very well are the ones that I enjoy talking about the most. The obvious ones are Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Hearthstone, and Overwatch. I’ve put countless hours into these titles, and I know a lot about the competitive scene for each game, going so far as going to a Major tournament for CSGO in early 2017.

So I will continue talking about the games I enjoy the most, but every once in awhile I’ll sprinkle in a post about the games I usually don’t. Thanks!