After a year of keeping us waiting, Valve has finally decided on releasing Operation Hydra, the eighth operation in Counter-Strike’s history. The operation comes decked out with seven new, but temporary operation maps, aswell as the standard campaign mode, that accompanies every operation.

Operation Hydra also comes with new interesting game modes. Those being War Games, Wingman and Weapons Expert.

Before I get into more detail, for those that do not know what a Counter-Strike Operation is, operations are pieces of temporary downloadable content that Valve releases after a while. They last usually a month or two, allowing people to play the new maps and game modes. The only thing that stays with you after the operation is the badge that you get after buying the $6 dollar pass to the campaign, which you are able to upgrade by playing through the campaign and keep as a collector’s item.

Every operation comes with a new skin pack, its contents unlockable through opening a new case, and Operation Hydra is no different. The Operation Hydra crate brings more notably a Hyper Beast type of skin to the Five Seven.

These new game modes, among others rotate weekly, until the operations end.

Operation Hydra is held close by many players because of the lack of an operation in over a year. Operations are expected by players from Valve at least yearly, and were outraged when one didn’t come last year. They are now finally satisfied.