I like to think of this blog more for those who are first entering the world of eSports, who are wanting to learn the ropes of the different eSports medias. So this post, I will dedicate it to the slang and callouts used for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive professional matches.

These callouts are dependent on the game state, and what the situation is between the players and their gun funding bank. It is also to note that gaining cash to obtain gear is accomplished by getting kills, playing the objective, or simply winning the round. The losing side of a round get money aswell, but usually very little. Money is also carried over round to round until halftime.

An Eco – This stand for Economical, and is used for when a team doesn’t buy any gear in a round, for the purpose of saving enough money to buy to fullest in the next round.

A force or force buy – this is when a captain can find a crack in the enemy team’s coordination, and is an alternative of an Eco, on a round where your team is at very little money. When the captain calls it, every single person in the team will buy anything and everything they can afford, even if it isn’t much. This can throw off the enemy team, if they were predicting  you to pull an Eco that exact same round.

A full buy – After an Eco, this is when the team has a lot of money in the bank, and they can comfortably buy anything they want or need in the round. These rounds are usually make it or break it for a team who had been using Eco strats the last few rounds. The third round of a match is usually the first full buy versus full buy, and usually the winner of that round gets a massive lead.

A rush – Instead of a team play slow and methodical on the T-side (attackers), or alternatively staying back in a defensive position on the  CT-side (defenders), they use aggressive tactics, similar to a blitzkrieg, in which they quickly “rush” a location, hoping to catch the enemy team caught off guard.

I’ll probably extend this list at some point in the future.