As a fan of Rainbow Six: Siege, an Invitational is absolutely huge for the sprouting scene. This eSports scene in particular has had a lot of trouble shooting off, because of the lack of a proper viewing experience, and the multitude of bugs that the game has. Ubisoft have been trying very hard to shove it into a competitive shooter game with teams and sponsors, and this Invitational might spark that.

It took place from February 3rd to the 5th and had a $200,000 prize pool, a very large pool for such a young competitive scene. Twelve teams were invited to the Invitational, six each on Xbox one and PC. The tournament also brought future plans for the game including a year two downloadable content timeline, along with a demo of the new operation named Velvet Shell.

For those who have taken no interest in Rainbow Six: Siege, now is the time to join the community to help the game grow. The game has an infinite amount of depth, and has enough untouched potential to sit up their with the big guys, like CS:GO. The game is mad to be played at a professional level, and this Invitational might begin the long run of Rainbow Six: Siege tournaments.