This is an exciting time for Pro League of Legends fans. The transition of SK Telecom primary streaming medium switched from Azubu to and along came the players, such as world famous Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok who debued his first Twitch stream on February 6th, 2017, who’s numbers set records. SK Telecom T1’s mid laner hit the all time amount of concurring viewers at 245,000, the highest number for individual streamer. In just the first hour he had hit 150,000, a number succeeding both NA LCS and EU LCS tournaments combined.

This was Fakers first actually appearance on, rather than Azubu, an exception being the “Spectre Faker” drama in 2015 where a twitch channel was showing his broadcasts from Azubu. The law eventually got involved, and nobody was happy.

The astounding fact is that the stream was a mere two hours and 44 minutes, considered a brief stream compared to that of other League of Legend streamers. This is why his numbers were so surprising. Twitch streams usually take three or four hours to hit peak stats for that stream, and even then it would go no where near 245,000. Even Fakers last stream hit above average numbers of 44,000 which very few streamers tend to hit. The stream also exceeded the total concurring viewership of  Overwatch’s World Cup which peaked at 120’000.

Faker, of course, had a translater the entirety of the stream, his primary viewership speaking English.