Marcelo “coldzera” David is a 22 year old Brazilian CS:GO player from São Paulo, and is known to be the best CS:GO player on the planet. He has a rating of 1.33 on HLTV, and above average rating. In 2016 he and his team SK Gaming won both majors at ESL One Cologne and MLG Colombus. In both tournaments, he was awarded player of the year along with The Game Award for best eSports Player. This specific award was announced by Micheal Phelps, the world class Olympic swimmer in The Game Awards 2016, beating even Faker, who’s debut netted over 245,000 viewers.

But coldzera’s popularity boom happened because of one moment, some call it the most infamous moment in CS:GO history. It was during the Mirage match in the semi finals during MLG Colombus. Team Liquid were at match point, and things looked grave for coldzera and his team. Team Liquid were going to attempt a rushing strategy to finish the game and move on to the finals. But I’m the middle sat coldzera, the final roadblock for Team Liquid. That round coldzera had bought an AWP, the most powerful sniper in the game. Coldzera pulled the unimaginable and eliminated four from Team Liquid in just three rounds, one shot grabbing two eliminations.

This was possibly the biggest moment in the game’s history, and it was done by coldzera. This play solidified his position as the number one player in the world, and carried his team to victory.