With the inevitable shutdown of the 2005 online game Club Penguin, the internet was caught by storm by a new trend. Club Penguin speed running is the new trend. If you don’t know what speed running is click here, where I explain the concept of it in another post.

Well, then why am I talking about speed running on an eSports blog? This speed run caught my attention in particular, because of hilariosity. Here’s an example of what the run consists of:

Yep, that’s it, the requirement to complete the run is to try to get banned as fast as you can.

The run starts all the way from creating the account to getting in game and getting yourself banned. This includes making up passwords, verifying the account through email, an filling in a single captcha. The current world record holder is Canadian 2KRN4U who got his account banned in under 39 seconds.

This has turned into somewhat of an internet phenomenon, with  speed running forums being filled with times to get banned from Club Penguin.  The most hilarious thing is that runners take this as seriously as many other famous runs, going through the same process of optimizing the run to get better times everyday.

Banned from Club Penguin speed runs orginiated from user Buttonwalls, when he recorded how long it would take for him to get banned, and he spent a total of one minute and 54 seconds doing that. A week later 2KRN4U met the world record of 29 seconds.