Scott “SirScoots” Smith is known to be one of the oldest figures in eSports, due to both his age and and experience in the scene. He made a name for himself in logistics because of his prior job in event logistics. This prior job required him to plan event timelines for famous companies such as Coca-Cola and American Express.

He was known to be the  one of the owners of the iconic GotFrag. When they were bought by MLG, Scoots took a managerial position in Evil Geniuses.

SirScoots’ first introduction into the eSports scene was in 1999 through the exposure of Counter-Strike. He was part of a core line up in a team named Unitary Guerilla Platoon (UGP) when he was 34 years old. The team is known as one of the earliest American Counter-Strike teams, created the day of release. Two years later, they attended their first tournament called CPL Winter 2001, and finished top 32, an achievement at the time.

Since then, SirScoots has stepped down from a player role and has become much more of an analyst. He attends most Counter-Strike tournaments for his personal enjoyment. He was also the representative of “An Open Letter to the Professional Esports Association, its Member Teams, and the Counter-Strike Community” where multiple CSGO teams were being limited by the Professional Esports Association, when the association didn’t not allow those teams to compete in certain tournaments.