Following the drama that ensued between the PEA, TSM, and Sean Gares, he was let off the team by TSM.

Reported by SlingshotEsports, TSM is parting ways with the rest of their players. The players of TSM are stick with Sean Gares wherever he goes, while they look for a new organization to back them up. For backstory, owner Andy “Reginald” Dinh let go of Sean Gares after his participation in a an open letter from players of the PEA or the Professional Esports Associations.

According to Slingshot, Dignitas and Misfits are two organizations that  the players are currently looking to. Dignitas had recently parted ways with their player, who were considered the third best team at the time. Those Dignitas Players now signed with FC Copenhagen to play on a  team called North.

Misfits have been recently been joined by the Miami Heat as a stakeholder.  It is also said that TSM will be looking for a new line up, and that they were going to stay in the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive scene.

This is of course a follow up to one of my other posts, explaining the whole drama, and the events that ensued. That post can be seen here.