Earlier this month, a rework to one of League of Legends’ champions was released.

Warwick was known as the go-to jungler for new players to the game for the reason that he was relatively simple to play and stays high on health while in the jungle. Riot were concerned with his “gameplay patterns” and hows they offer very little depth. It was also said approachability is great, but it shouldn’t be easy to master a champion in few matches. They called this update more of a modernization, less like a gameplay overhaul.

Warwick is meant to be played as a relentless chaser, who is optimized to chase down slow and squishy targets. Flexibility was also a main objective so that his ultimate ability wasn’t the only plan he had.

He has Blood Hunt, which allows him to smell the scent of a near enemy players, cornering them into a space where your team can move into position. His main ability to deal damage is Jaws of the Beast, where he just bites an enemy. His new ultimate is called Infinite Duress, where he can lunge to the nearest player in a predefined but large radius. Primal Howl also allows him to shortly “scare his opponents, flipping their direction of travel to finish the job.

He also had his own cinematic trailer:

For more information, check out the official announcement page here.