The Eleague Major is in less than a week, so today I will be reviewing the team line-ups, and what matches to look forward to.

The first match  between Gambit and North is sure going to be interesting. Gambit contains legends like Dosia and Zeus, and North contains all ex-Dignitas members with stars like cajunb and others. My prediction for the winner of this match is North, for the reason that they have been on good form for a bit, deemed the number 5 best team in the world by

The second match is between Fnatic and G2 Esports. This one is tough to judge, both teams are currently very inconsistent and both are going through a slump. Fnatic’s roster shuffle hasn’t been shown to be very successful, and G2’s lineup will be shuffled after the major.

The third match is between SK Gaming and Hellraisers. SK used to be monoliths, untouched by an team, but recently they have been challenged, but does that give Hellraisers a chance? Maybe, only if each player delivers.

The fourth match is Virtus Pro and Optic and is sure going to be an interesting one. Optic has been slowly climbing the ranks, showing immense amounts of talent. Virtus Pro have also been very on point as well. This will surely be a close match.

The fifth match will be between Liquid and EnVyUs. This line up  since it’s released has been the one most hyped for. Both Liquid and EnVyUs have large followings and great talent. Only time will tell.

The sixth match will be between Astralis and Godsent. While Godsent surely has a chance of beating Astralis in this group stage, Astralis has claimed the spot as the number 1 team in the world right now. As of this moment, Astralis is favored .

The seventh and last group stage match will be between Flipsid3 and Faze, two very relevant teams. I think this will be another very close match, with both teams able to show up.