Season 7 of League of Legends is known to be the bane of Attack/Damage Carries (ADCs). In the last few months, players have taken notice how underpowered ADC’s are in this current season of LOL, and numerous amounts of people have tried coming up with new build paths to fix this problem.

But the base of this problem is the fact that every other role is just better. Top laners are usually tanks, and is the prominent reason why ADC’s are so useless lately. ADC’s just don’t have enough damage to take them on. Mid Laners do mostly magic damage and just scale better than ADC’s. Junglers just overwhelm ADC’s with their brutal ganks especially if they have stealth abilities. Lastly, supports are now commonly getting the kills in lane, instead of ADC’s of which they share a lane with.

In the current build of the game, tank champions have a much easier build path. In general, tank items are significantly cheaper then ADC items, allowing them to build faster than ADC’s. Because of that, it takes three items so that ADCs even have a chance of killing an enemy player, and that’s only if the enemy team isn’t playing well.

Well even Riot even recognize the weak nature of ADC’s in their 7.1 patch notes. They said that ADC’s lacked an “oomph” and that they are looking into it.