Tempo Storm’s Meta Snapshot is website that highlights weekly trends and meta changes that occur in Hearthstone’s Standard format. It provides Tier lists for current top decks, and provides readers on insight of how these decks play and why cards are used for certain situations.

In my opinion Meta Snapshot is an amazing resource that I personally use every once in a while, and I recommend that every hearthstone player to take a look at it.

That being said, some controversy has arisen lately, mainly on reddit, about the legitimacy of the website.

In a video by Reynad , owner and player of Tempo Storm addresses these controversies in this video:

In this video he addresses arguments with his four main points.

  1. Meta Snapshot does not have made up numbers, and he himself is not the author.
  2. Meta Snapshot does use data.
  3. The legitimacy of the decklist/archetype definition.
  4. And the complications that come with collecting data in Hearthstone because no 3rd party software is able to function without human input.

Another source of Hearthstone data, Vicious Syndicate, took offense to the last point because of their use of data in their site.

Reynad later addressed Vicious Syndicate in this video:

This video basically was meant to apologize to Vicious Syndicate for offending them and explaining that he didn’t mean to fire shots at them.

Either way, both sources are great and I recommend for everyone to read both for more knowledge of them game.