The CSGO player base are at a very heated state.  Why you ask? Well, it seems like Valve in general are not giving enough attention to the game. A significant update has not been released in months. Also, in 2016 there was only one operation releases (content patches that are temporary which add missions and extra content to the game) while usually there are 2 or 3 a year. CSGO seems like the backend of Valve, there’s not enough attention. There are many problems with the game right now, and Valve are simply not fixing them.

Just to remind those who don’t know, the Eleague Major Championship is approaching quite soon, so reddit user “sizzlepants” on the Global Offensive reddit posted a prediction. He predicted that Valve are going to release a giant update to the game right after the major. His reasoning is that at the end of the DotA 2 championship, Valve made an announcement to the stadium. When this update launched a few days later, it turned out to be one of the biggest update DotA 2 has seen for quite a while. They went from version number 6.xx to 7.xx, a big step for valve. Some even call it DotA 3, a full number change in an update is very uncommon.

Think about it, there hasn’t been any significant updates to the game in quite a while, so maybe Valve are keeping something back until the Eleague major? Even if it’s unlikely, all the negativity and controversy surrounding the CSGO community, they need to get hyped for something, and why not at a major event.