Valve is known for making classics in the gaming world including DotA and Counter-Strike. How they support the game, that’s a totally different story.

Since DotA 2 was released, Valve, for the most part, listens to the community of DotA and keeps them happy. Yadda yadda yadda, DotA lives a happy life.

Since the release of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Valve didn’t treat it like Dota. It would take weeks for Valve to listen to the community of CSGO, and to even consider what the community even wants. After a while they finally listened and Valve improved the game to what it is now. But it’s still not without it’s faults.

Recently Valve, are being massively hated on because of the silence they give to fans. Game breaking bugs arose and Valve still took months to fix them. At one point, the reddit community doubted if they even cared about the game, and hypothesized that they are just using CSGO as a cash cow.

Then one day they updated the sounds, the sounds. Out of all of the problems the game had they decided to change something that wasn’t even near the top of the priority. The community became outraged, it was the icing of the cake of Valve’s communication to the fans of the game, along with all the complains about hackers, and a visual bug that caused frustration.

Whatever they do and whatever they have done, Valve has left a scar on their reputation on their label of game and software developers, and it’s going to be tough for fans to forget the irresponsibility of Valve.