The morning of October 20, a pleasant surprise was waiting from Nintendo, and it’s called the “Nintendo Switch”:

The Switch seems to be the new console/handheld platform Nintendo have been working on for a while now,and it brings big news.

The video starts out with regular people going through their day using the Switch at home, through the streets, and even in planes. My first thought was: oh this is pretty cool I guess. Then, near the end of the video, the last scene took place and it was inside a bustling stadium full of people while competitors walked to the stage and played Splatoon on the Switch.

This is really big news. This was the first time Nintendo have ever promoted or even mentions just the potential to support eSports for their games. Could this mean a Nintendo Tournament? Or a Nintendo Olympics? Who knows, but now it’s definitely on the table.

The really surprising thing about this whole eSports tease is the fact that Nintendo has always been against competitive for their games.

In EVO 2013, the largest fighting game tournament in the world, Nintendo tried to remove Melee from the tournament, but never did due to retaliation from fans.

At EVO 2014, Masahiro Shurai, the creator of the Smash Bros series, said in an interview that “[Melee] ended up becoming a Smash game for hardcore fighting fans … I regret that because I intended for the series to be for players who couldn’t handle such highly skilled games.”

It seems like Nintendo are finally starting to realize that eSports is something they could profit off of, and who knows, we might see the Splatoon World Championship in a year.