Inferno has always been a fan favorite map in the Counter-Strike franchise that contains the most iconic moments in the tournaments that have occurred along the history of the game.

One famous moment that happened and that will always be remembered is EnVyUs Happy’s Desert Eagle ace at Dreamhack Open Cluj-Napoca 2015 in the grand finals:

This moment will always be remembered in the history of Counter-Strike and especially the map of Inferno.

Inferno was always a fan favorite and fans were severely upset when Valve decided to remove it from the competitive map pool months ago, switching it out with a reworked version of a map named Nuke. What added insult to the wound of taking out Inferno, were claims that Nuke is now worse than what it was before. In fact, Nuke is the the least played map in tournaments since it’s re addition to the competitive map pool.

When Inferno was removed, CSGO fans knew it was so that it could be reworked, which brought a lot of controversy. Some said no rework was need, while others said it was the most unbalanced map in the pool.

A few weeks ago, Inferno was reintroduced, now immensely overhauled. The one concern people have now that Inferno is back, is the fact that it has not been included back in the map pool. It is speculated that Valve will re add it after the Eleague Major next year, so that the pros won’t have to scramble to find new strategies on the map.

The new map is introduced in this official blog post by Valve. The post is really neat with live sliders that compare then new and old Inferno.

Whether or nor you like the new version of Inferno, it’s delightful to see it back in CSGO, and I’m looking forward to seeing more legendary moments on this classic map.