Today we are going to talk about Overwatch and the Sombra ARG. This is an eSports blog, but today I’m going to take a break and talk about Sombra for a second, Overwatch’s future character and the Augmented Reality Game Blizzard is playing on us to find out who she is. I mean, she could impacted the Overwatch eSports scene when she does come out.

So this all started with the announcement of the first additional Overwatch hero named Ana. In the announcement video, there are a multitude of ciphers that give you messages from her in Spanish. That lead to another cipher, then to another, then to another, then to another. I’m not going to go into too much detail but eventually an image of her got leaked, and fans of the game started to get upset at Blizzard because of the fact that the ARG wasn’t going anywhere and that they just want her to be unlocked already.

This outcry of the Sombra ARG is angering many fans and has produced a lot of hate towards Blizzard. Personally I think that Blizzard have made a mistake in the way they’ve been dealing with this ARG because of the numerous amount of time fans had to wait to find the first clue without any hints. Numerous reddit posts are popping up everyday, complaining to Blizzard.

All-in-all, Blizzard needs to do something quick, before the fanbase of Overwatch gets more upset than they already are and they begin to mistrust them. Blizzard needs to remember: happy customers equal loyal customers.