On the 17th of October Blizzard announced a new game type called Heroic Brawl. So, what is this new game mode about? Well, its going to be the weekly Tavern Brawl at some point in the future.

If it’s just another new and fun weekly gamemode, what’s so important about it? Well, the format for this brawl is a little different.

Participants will create a deck out of the cards in their collection and lock it in. Then, they will play that deck, against other Heroic Brawlers to try to achieve 12 wins, but if you lose three times, you’re out.

For players who achieve many wins will be rewarded massively.


The catch is it will take 10 U.S. dollars to enter or 1000 in game gold. Much controversy has been created because of this entrance toll, and many have hated the idea since the announcement.

In this video, a player under the company Tempo Storm, named Reynad, talks about the hate Blizzard has been getting:

Reynad talks about the allegations a majority of casual players are giving about Blizzard, and how they are just doing this as cash grab before the next expansion. Reynad disagrees with these allegations and says that this is one of the best things done for competitive hearthstone, and that it sucks that the community dislikes it.

I think this is great thing for the future for competitive Hearthstone. Prestige and just more tournament like play has been need for the game to keep it’s scene going. As a casual player myself, I am perfectly fine not having the chance to participate in the Heroic Brawl, and I’m excited to see players who are truly serious and invested in the game play to try to get that 12 wins.

For more info go here: http://us.battle.net/hearthstone/en/blog/20324471/introducing-heroic-tavern-brawl-10-17-2016