Fighters originated in arcades across the globe. Games like Street Fighter popularized Fighters, and made it into what it is today. Fighters take memorizing button combos and timing.

Here are some games that defined this eSport Genre.

Super Smash Bros: Melee

Remember all those Nintendo characters you fell in love with as a kid? Well in 2001 Nintendo decided to release SSBM on the Gamecube as a sequel to the less popular version on the N64. This game immediately took off because of it’s Avengers like feel that brought all the popular Nintendo characters into one screen at the same time. At first people played it casually, but in the more recent years, the community started to the play the game seriously, becoming one of the most loved and niche eSports. Nintendo came out with two other Smash Bros games on the Wii and Wii U, but Melee stayed relevant because of it’s more polished mechanics.

Street Fighter

Nothing but respect is given to pros of this game because of the immense amount of practice and skill Street Fighter takes. Timing is crucial in this game, as well as predicting your opponent’s next moves along with deciding how you will deal with them. In Street Fighter, two characters fight it out using their special abilities till one character’s health goes down to zero and the round ends. It’s a best of three with the round system. This game will always be in the Hall of Fame as a classic in not just eSports but in general video game history.

There are many other fighter games out there, but these remain two of the most popular ones in 2016.