What used to be the most popular genre of eSport is now one of the least regarded eSports as of right now. RTS still deserves it’s own post for what it did that impacted competitive gaming. It is what blew up eSports in the modern landscape of gaming.

RTS is known for its mental complexity that leaves the casual player with massive headaches. That is because you don’t just control one character, you control many.

Through the course of match, the goal is to maneuver units to secure areas of a map or to destroy enemy units or structures. It is possible to create more units that can aid you in the game, at the cost of resources and headaches.

The player is usually given an isometric view on the game, or a free roaming camera from an aerial viewpoint

Games consists of moving up a technology tree to produce stronger units throughout the match. To move up in the tree, you must construct other units or structures from a lower point in the tech tree, and all of that takes resources.


The most popular RTS game is Starcraft, specifically Starcraft 2. This game is heavily dominated by Koreans, and no other country comes close to beating Korean teams. A lot of Starcraft 2 pros came from Warcraft 3 because of similarities between the games. Both games were products by Blizzard.


I’m trying to keep these beginner breakdowns on the shorter side, so that I can get into recent events in the world of eSports.