Last time I talked about MOBAS and what games belonged in that genre. Today I’ll be talking about the rules and basic mechanics that most MOBAS share.

The number one concept in a MOBA game is that it’s a five versus five match where two rival teams try to destroy the other team’s “base” or “nexus”. One one teams nexus is destroyed, the game ends. The team that destroys the other team’s nexus is deemed as the winner of the match.

Before the match starts each player has to lock in a character to play the whole match. Each character has different roles, but it is a lot more advanced than what I want to explain here.



In the match there are three lanes that reach from one base to the other.


Those are:

  • Top Lane
  • Middle Lane
  • Bottom Lane

The name of each lane varies from game to game, but this map layout will always be the same.

The lanes are always split down the middle where there is a road that stretches across the map, indicated by the black dotted line in the picture above. Anything on one side of that middle road is considered territory of the corresponding side.

This is important to note because on each lane there are two “turrets” that deal massive damage to the enemy team and protects the lane, on either sides of the middle road. These turrets are indicated as the circles in the lanes in the picture above. So, the basic strategy is to slowly destroy all turrets on all lanes in enemy territory, so there is no resistance into travelling to the enemy nexus.



A base is the location where you spawn after dying in the lanes or jungle. Your base contains your nexus, the main shop, and a lot of turrets. The nexus you have to protect, the shop is where you buy items to get an edge over your opponent, and the turrets are there to guard all of that. Bases are as simple as that.


Minions are little creatures that spawn in the beginning of each lane, and they will attack anything that is not on your team, including heroes, turrets, and enemy minions.


Minions serve the purpose of supporting you on pushing each lane and taking all the damage of a turret. Enemy minions serve a purpose too. Whenever an enemy minion dies by another minion, enemy hero, or turret, you will be rewarded with experience points if they die near you, which can be used to level up your character. If you give the final blow to a minion (called a last hit) you will also be rewarded with money to spend at the shop.


Whenever you gain enough experience points, or “xp”, you will level up. When you level up you are allowed to upgrade one of your skills or powers. Each time you level up, you get to upgrade one of your skills only once. The more you level up the better your skills are. For example, a damage skill your character may have will do more damage if you’ve upgraded it 4 times than if you only upgraded it once.


The Jungle is any part of the map that is not a lane or a base. The jungle contains tougher creatures to face that will reward you xp and money as well as temporary passive buffs. The Jungle is also well concealed, meaning it is easy to perform surprise attacks on enemy players. This is called a gank, and one player on team is always dedicated in roaming the jungle and to constantly gank enemies.


Those are the basics of a MOBA, but it is much more advanced than this.

Next, I’ll be writing about FPS eSport games and what  they have to offer.